Spiritual Growth and Exploration at Our Multi-Denominational Temple Space

Welcome to our Multi-Denominational Public Temple Space—a nurturing haven for personal spiritual growth. Immerse yourself in our diverse community area, meticulously crafted to enrich your unique spiritual journey.

Temple Space - 1


Discover profound insights with a vast selection of sample Tarot Decks. Delve into traditions like the 72 Goetia, where we offer talismans for each spirit. Connect with revered entities, including the Lucky Buddha, Archangel Michael, Ganesh and more. Our consecrated altar to the dead is graced by Lords of the Dead and esteemed Psychopomps—The Baron, Mama Brigette, Hermes, Hecate, Shiva and many more—creating a bridge for guidance and connection.

This space serves as a communal haven for private rituals, meditation, and self-discovery. Utilize community items such as tables, chairs, zafu cushions, lighters, tea light holders, mortar and pestle, beverageware, a mala, colored lights for ambiance, an athame, and a Bluetooth speaker. For candles, incense, and ritual items, our store offers a selection for purchase. Welcome to your sanctuary for profound growth.