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The Queen City Curio is a spirituality-based social hub and experience that supports spirituality, creativity,  philosophy, spiritual businesses and projects, and inner genius in all its form. Although we have a store, the primary benefits come from membership.   We have a vision.  We want to bring the beauty and grace that actual magical results bring into the world more fully. We believe all magic is beautiful and do not have paradigmal restrictions many other locations have. We want to collectively raise the bar that more and more people are getting more from their practice.  Results over image. Unfortunately, results-orientated spirituality is both isolating and difficult.  If you want to make serious changes in your life, this is the place.  If you earn for deeper conversations, this is the experience.  If you want dive deeper into yourself and bring about your own inner genius, this is the experience for you.

Lead Membership

The lowest level of alchemical metals.  The Lead Membership level lets people check out a live class a month and access to check out books from the library.  Only a $9.97 investment.


Tin Membership

Tin is one of the first phases of alchemy after lead.  To get a tin membership, you must invest resources per month.  Tin is associated with Jupiter and, thus, expansion.  For us that means: 

  • Members get access to beginning witchcraft classes.
  • Check out books from our library. 
  • Back-end access to product creation and workshop days. 
  • Access to over 100+ lessons and rituals. 
  • Invitation to some more intimate and private rituals.

The Tin Membership is a 39.97+tax CAD  per month investment. Subscribe and become a Tin Member today. 

Copper Membership

Copper is a more valuable metal in alchemy and is representative of the planet Venus representing the connection.

A copper membership cannot be purchased, it must be earned.

You must be a Tin member before becoming a Copper Member, and your membership dues must be up to date.  Copper members must come to at least 2 events in six months after being invited and share our events on various platforms.  Copper members must be active conversation initiators on our discord server or contributors to the store blog. Copper members must have a copper, gold, or platinum member to speak for them and vouch for them before they are invited into the level. 


  • All Tin Benefits. 
  • Access to shared magical talismans and opportunities to purchase talismanic pre-published book releases.
  • Access to more difficult and powerful rituals.
  • Informal access to higher members and ritual advice.  
  • The ability to rent the ritual space for magical work

Silver Membership

Silver is a more valuable metal in alchemy than copper and is associated with the moon. In this, we mean the principle of remembrance that all are powerful spiritual beings in matter. Become a Silver Member today.


  • All copper benefits, with far fewer commitments. 
  • Access to the 923 Collective Spiritual Wealth Astral Domain.
  • First access to at all day long workshops which have limited.
  • Access to limited print talismanic books published by Queen City.
  • Discounts to all day long events.  

Gold Membership

Gold is the glory and beauty of the sun. One cannot buy up to this level, which must be earned.  Gold members must be silver members in good standing and support the center at that shining level.  Gold members must shine to be included.  Gold members must organize events, be very active on discord and act as facilitators on our discord server. Gold members should help us organize events, even potentially willing with the centers assistance to run beginner classes. 


  • All Tin Access
  • All Copper Access
  • All silver Access
  • 1 hour of magical coaching and skill building per month to the masters.
  •  Attunements and introduction to secret spiritual entities of great power and benefit. 

Platinum Membership

Platinum members are VIP stakeholders who are helping to fund the next generation of our center. As a platinum member, you receive all the benefits of Gold Members and many more exclusive benefits fit for an unmatched commitment to the center’s longevity.

  • All benefits of previous levels.
  • Platinum members receive direct spiritual assistance as requested  ( Up to one monthly ceremony)
  • Direct magical coaching ( up to 3 hours a month).  
  • Reserve the space when no other events are going on at no cost.
  • Access to one or more advanced training such as our Reiki Program, Shapeshifting course, or Witchcraft school.
  • Access to any day-long class or workshop. 
  • Request 1  coaching session per month.

Invest today.

Iridium Membership

Iridium is a metal of extreme permanence and strength used in hyper-tech of the future.  Contribution: If you are overly concerned with the amount, this is not the right level for you. 

Iridium members are double VIP stakeholders donating enough per month that we can work towards a full center and retreat center focused on practical magic and the development of a no-drama real community of magicians, shamans, and healers. Please email us or call us at 416.595.5525.

  • All Tin Access
  • All Copper Access
  • All silver Access
  • All Platinum Access
  • Iridium members can directly ask the most powerful members of the collective to do magic for them at no additional cost. 
  • Iridium members can work directly and have a longer conversation on transforming magical currents in the city of Toronto.
  • Iridium members can request magical research and magical development of magical training materials having a strong voice on which magical courses and training are developed.  
  • Have direct input to store public rituals and direct communications with the priests and priestess/shamans on transforming the magical environment of Toronto level