About Us

Queen City Curio And Apothecary is the hub for esoteric, occult and spiritual things in Toronto, Ontario. Taking a no-drama-inclusive approach to all spiritual paths, we offer products, education and various services to support your needs for results-driven spirituality.

The Curio and Apothecary

Our apothecary offers 300+ superior, premium-grade herbs, and our curio has a vast selection of products ranging from crystals, candles, divination supplies, ritual items, consecrated talismans and much more to support your spiritual needs. Our staff have carefully curated each item based upon expert experience and practical use. It is our firm belief if we deserve the best, and so do our patrons.


Explore and Learn

Join our in person and virtual workshops, study groups and classes, where we go through step-by-step methods to better your life with esoteric practices via measurable metrics.

We also feature a membership library with hundreds of books. The books catalogued cover a spectrum of material: Energywork (Qigong, Chakra, Reiki), Hypnosis,  Meditation, Afro-Caribbean Traditions & Religions, Divination, Witchcraft, Chaos, Ceremonial, Daoist, Buddhist, Greek, Hindu Magicks, Demonolatry, Sorcery, Conjure, Hoodoo, Traditional Chinese Medicine and much more. And yes...we can order the books if you enjoy them. 


Be Supported

At our store, you're in good hands. Our team of Shamans and Priests offer multiple services for our clients. Need divination to figure things out? We can guide you. Need particular spellwork? We got you covered. Something feeling off but can't put words any words to it? We'll take a look. 

Our team of world famous experts train in Result Over Image coaching methodology unique to Queen City Curio And Apothecary.