Ancestor and Dead Shrine


The following tutorial will explain how to work with the Queen City Curio & Apothecary Ancestral Shrine. 


As with any ritual or working, start by doing a Waterfall Banishing. 

Sit down in a comfortable place and position. Take some deep breaths. Slowly inhale to a count of 4. Exhale to a count of 4. Repeat 4 (or more) times. 

Imagine yourself in a shower with water of the perfect temperature. Feel the droplets splash onto the top of your head and roll down your face, neck, shoulders. Down your torso and arms. Trickling down your legs and rolling off of your toes, down into the drain, carrying all of the stress and negativity with them.  Let yourself stand in the water, feeling it cleanse you, the water coming stronger and stronger until it becomes a waterfall that washes over and around you. 

When you feel thoroughly cleansed, you notice the waterfall shimmer and shift to light, radiant beams of the highest vibration light that engulf and surround you, shining through your very core essence. 

Allow yourself to bask in that light, and when you are ready, come back to the room by focusing on your breathing again and inhaling to a count of 4. And exhaling to a count of 4. Open your eyes. 


The Mirror above the Shrine acts as a portal, or gateway, to the realm of the Dead. You can partially access that gateway right now to see into that realm. Approach the shrine and open the wooden doors. Set your intention to communicate with a past loved one, or any ancestral spirit that has positive intentions toward you, and you toward them.

Gaze at the mirror and let yourself relax. It can help to continue the same breath pattern. Inhale to a count of 4. Exhale to a count of 4. Continue these breaths, slowly, as you stare at the mirror’s surface. It may take a few minutes, that is normal. Keep gazing at the mirror until you start to see it shimmer, like the air around pavement on a hot summer day. You may just feel, and know, that the mirror’s surface has suddenly become different


As your vision wavers, you start to see the faint outline of a person. They move closer, and their outline starts becoming clearer. You may notice that they move in a familiar way. Or that an item of their clothing stands out. Familiar sounds and scents may creep into your awareness. Closer. They take a few more steps toward you. Their facial features come gradually into focus as you both approach the mirror, each on opposite sides of the gateway until you are standing face to face with them. 

Take all of the time that you need to converse with them, or even just be with them. If they are not immediately familiar to you, ask them to tell you who they are and why they chose to come through to speak with you today. You may find that you are connecting with them using one sense over the others. That is ok. Some people hear, others see, some simply know. All of these are normal and merely ways that we interpret what is happening, so do not be alarmed or think it is not working if you are connecting on levels or through senses that you did not expect. 

When you are ready, thank the ancestor for visiting with you. After saying farewell, watch them turn and start slowly retreating back into the mists behind the mirror. Back to the realm of the Dead. Know that you can contact them again using these same methods. 


When they have gone, stand up, LAUGH out loud, turn up the lights, and go get something to eat and drink to reaffirm LIFE!