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Unlock the captivating allure of Frankincense, one of the world's most celebrated incenses, renowned for its potent purification, protection, and spiritual harmony. This sacred ingredient, trusted for ages, cleanses homes, shields against harmful energy, and consecrates sacred spaces. In Chinese culture, it invigorates the blood, uniting spirit with matter, fostering a harmonious connection.

Harness the transformative power of Frankincense's aromatic smoke - a divine shield during rituals, sleep, grounding meditations, or inhaled for its soothing aromatherapeutic benefits. Associated with the sun and esteemed solar deities - Apollo, Ra, Adonis - it adds to its mystique and spiritual significance. 

Product Features

Latin Boswellia Serrata
Properties Purifying, Protective, Sacred
Usage Purify homes, protect spaces
Use smoke during rituals and sleep
Application Enhance rituals, create a serene home atmosphere
Deity Associations Apollo, Ra, Adonis


Embrace Frankincense's magic, elevate spiritual practices with its essence. Purify, protect, and bask in harmonious connection. Illuminate your path to inner peace and awakening.

Experience timeless power and soothing energies, enhance rituals, meditations, create serene home atmosphere with Frankincense. Unlock ancient treasure, savor its transformative qualities, invite enchanting magic into your life. Looking to explore other sacred incenses?

Discover the power of Myrrh, another revered resin known for its purification and meditation properties.

Embrace Frankincense today for purification, protection, and spiritual alignment. Order now to experience its mystique.