Psychic Self-Defense For Bodyworkers

Psychic Self-Defense For Bodyworkers

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 Ever feel tired or sick after working with a client?  

Healers, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and other bodyworkers often feel drained or sick after physical contact. Often, a client’s pain and suffering can seep into them and eventually cause sickness, emotional problems and bad luck, not just for the healers, but for those around them whom they care about. All physical healers run this risk when they ignore the spiritual components of illness.

This psychic self-defence course will focus on preventing the spread of disease, energy depletion and spiritual afflictions, keeping you, those you care about, and the people around you safe.

What would it be like to: 

  • Perform your job and not feel drained after working with patients;. 
  • Not have those sensations after a particularly intense experience with patients you know what sensations we are talking about;
  • Clear your mind instantly and gain vitality keeping yourself well even if your job situation is stressful; 
  • Prevent the post-patient illnesses, you know what we mean;; 
  • Find your luck naturally improving


Change your practice.It is time to go to work feeling refreshed, ready to go, and well instead of dread.


Learn tools and techniques to keep your energy in tip-top shape despite any negativity.

Book now.

Our remote course will cover extremely useful, practical exercises, where you can learn to protect yourself;  

  • Methods for mental-emotional control in the face of toxic emotions or energy.
  • To clean and improve foreign influences on your subconscious mind.
  • To Clear and protect the energetics of your personal treatment room ( when possible).
  • To Know when your energy system or emotional system is compromised
  • Our signature basic defensive Qigong, including deep cognitive conditioning.

The course includes both pre-recorded and live workshops.We will be running these psychic self-defence workshops for bodyworkers strictly as a cohort. Your fellow students are not just students, they are your fellow journeyers and the structure of the workshops allows you to make real, new connections.


Meet Your Instructors:

Andrieh Vitimus is a Reiki Master Teacher and NLP practitioner who has been at the forefront of practical spiritual exploration.He has an extensive background in data analytics and uses this to get reliable results, consistently, from spiritual processes. 


Zachary Lui is a Master of Medical Qigong and a Senior Acupuncture Professor at the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, teaching both Traditional Chinese medicine and privately the more esoteric classical Chinese medicine.  


Ready to book now? 


If you are a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, we have a bonus;

An additional course is available that includes theory and augmentation of the training materials for CEU credits.     

For this cohort: 

The first 5 have already booked and received an initial discounted rate of $150.   

For the next 3, the rate will be $250 + tax.

After that, the cost will be $500 per person, including the CEUs.


When: Saturday, January 29th, 2022

Where: Zoom link provided upon purchase

Duration: 6-7pm


Part 1: 10am-1pm

Discussion & Shared Lunch: 1-2pm

Part 2: 2-5pm